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Religious scriptures come in a language that is the language with which they are written originally. In case of any doubt the language of the earliest versions of scriptures is deemed to be more authentic as they mirror a content which is less distorted by the passage of time and meddling of many interfering hands. As for the Glorious Quran the matter is less complicated as its original language is universally recognised to be the Arabic language and apparently one single version of the text is available uncontested across the world. Regarding this aspect, the Quran is a much more straightforward religious text that can be reliably referred to its one single version for accessing the primary source of the Islamic faith. However the Quran, like other scriptures cannot be understood by non Arab speakers even in parts that seem to be plainly comprehensible by those who have basic Arabic education and literacy. This has necessitated translation of this sacred text into other languages including English. The accuracy and authenticity as well as the faithfulness of the translated texts to both Arabic and the language of translation are always a matter of contention. The pictures above represent some of these translations published in by various publishing houses.





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England is a major centre of excellence of learning and higher education in the world.

The Quran in the West

With the increasing interest in learning about Islam, it is now apparent that this may not be possible with the study of the Quran.

Quranic Research

The Quranic Research entails all typical aspects of scriptural studies known around the world with extra characteristics of exclusively its own.

The Institute

The Institute is there to address issues of significance such as translations and interpretations in English.


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