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Tafasir is the plural of tafsir which is an infinitive grammatically and technically speaking. It is a noun in terms of its being used as a name to any piece of writing intended to offer explanatory comments about the words, verses and chapters of the Holy Quran. In its linguistic form TAFSIR means removing the veil or unveiling. Thus one is justified to see the connection evidently between the meaning of the world in language and its terminological connotation. However one has to bear in mind that the technical term has now the upper hand and the word is predominantly understood –whenever used- as its links to the elaborations aimed at casting light on the meanings of the Quranic words, sentences, phrases and larger segments. The question within this context may arise as weather or not the Quranic language is itself clear enough to be understood by its audiences. The answer to this question is not that straightforward. This is so because of a number of factors. Of those one might be the passage of time and the alterations that have occurred in the day to day Arabic language which is the language of the Quran. Although it is true that the Arabic language has not undergone such a drastic change that mutates its total identity, yet there is a great deal of things that are no longer the same between the Arabic of the Quran and the modern Arabic. It is also true that the extent of change is much less compared to other languages exactly thanks to the Quran itself that had been used as measure of keeping the Arabic language faithful to its origins. Of the above mentioned factors one is the clear reference in the Quran that the verses are divided into more plain and less plain ones which is an affair requiring clarification endeavors. The verses that are plain and seemingly understood with less difficulty are also said to contain inner meanings that merit attempts through legitimate but not unwarranted methodologies to be discovered. There are traditionally compendiums of various sizes and nature that are complied to achieve the above purpose. These are called books of Tafsir of which some are illustrated above in this page.



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England is a major centre of excellence of learning and higher education in the world.

The Quran in the West

With the increasing interest in learning about Islam, it is now apparent that this may not be possible with the study of the Quran.

Quranic Research

The Quranic Research entails all typical aspects of scriptural studies known around the world with extra characteristics of exclusively its own.

The Institute

The Institute is there to address issues of significance such as translations and interpretations in English.


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