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We are an independent setup. We aim to promote research and dissemination of tradititial and modern works on the Quran. We believe that any work which could shed light on any aspect of the knowledge of the Quran is certainly a step forward towards enhancing and fostering all branches of the Islamic scholarship including law, Hadith, theology and history.We attempt to achieves this through publication of translations and literary scripts as well as holding seminars and conferences. We are convinced that only by collective works of seasoned scholars alongside fervent and earnest students and a combination of experience of older generations and eagerness of the younger ones the transcendent purpose of achieving further clarification of the Quranic meanings can be achieved. We understand that scholars with various specialities can offer unique contributions in this direction. We believe for instance that a constructive collaboration between a traditional scholar of the Quran with a historian well-versed in modern methodologies of historical research can offer a better and in the same time further authentic insight to the historical characteristics of the holy book. On the other hand forging genuine partnerships between traditional scholars of the Quran and modern legal experts can generate results of outstanding nature as regards to a new outlook to the legal jurisprudence of the Quran and its contemporary codification. We hope to achieve this by encouraging the scholars across the world to identify the areas of the Quranic investigation which may be in need of further development and elaboration..



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England is a major centre of excellence of learning and higher education in the world.

The Quran in the West

With the increasing interest in learning about Islam, it is now apparent that this may not be possible with the study of the Quran.

Quranic Research

The Quranic Research entails all typical aspects of scriptural studies known around the world with extra characteristics of exclusively its own.

The Institute

The Institute is there to address issues of significance such as translations and interpretations in English.


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